WATCHING, ceci n’est pas de deux – previous performances:

7-9 May 2015, Contact Theatre Manchester

5-12 September 2015, Theater Perdu Amsterdam Fringe Festival

26-28 August 2015 Limburg Festival

11-12 December 2015, Compagnie Theater Amsterdam Right About Now Festival

14 March 2016, Theater Generale Oost Arnhem

31 March 2016, Theater Walhalla Rotterdam

19 & 20 April 2016, Theatre Kikker Utrecht

25 April 2016, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam

3-6 July 2016 National Arts Festival Grahamstown SA

7-9 October 2016 Puppet International Festival Meppel NL

With the Duda Paiva Company, performance for children, The Greeks:

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Greeks on tour 2016 /17 | dudapaiva company

Duda Paiva’s first production for children in coproduction with MAAS theater dans Choreographer Duda Paiva interprets three Greek myths through dance and puppetry. Magical tales of greed, stupidity and entanglement, with gripping, priceless encounters between the dancers and the life-like puppets. King is the story of a self-indulgent Greek hero who is punished by the …

17.09.16 Basel CH Vorstadttheater opening seizoen

18.09.16 Basel CH Vorstadttheater

19.09.16 Basel CH Vorstadttheater sv

16.10.16 Beringen BE CCBeringen 14:00

22.10.16 Enkhuizen CC De Drommedaris 20:30

24.10.16 Spijkenisse De Stoep  schoolvoorstelling

7.11.16 Den Haag Theater Dakota middag opbouw

8.11.16 Den Haag Theater Dakota 10:30 / 13:30 schoolvoorstelling

9.11.16 Den Haag Theater Dakota 09:30 schoolvoorstelling

20.11.16 Drachten Schouwburg De Lawei 14:00

21.11.16 Drachten Schouwburg De Lawei 10:00 schoolvoorstelling

28.12.16 Zwolle Zwolse Theaters 14:00 / 19:30

7.01.17 Assen Theater De Nieuwe Kok 19:30

5.02.17 Arnhem Stadstheater Arnhem 13:30

25.02.17 Purmerend Theater De Verbeelding 19:30

With the Ulrike Quade Company, Coco Chanel:

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Coco Chanel – Ulrike Quade Company

Kom in het theaterseizoen 2015-2016 naar de voorstelling Coco Chanel van Ulrike Quade Company!

12 april20:30 uPAmsterdamTheater BellevueCoco Chanel

13 april20:30 uPAmsterdamTheater BellevueCoco Chanel

14 april20:30 u AmsterdamTheater BellevueCoco Chanel

15 april20:30 u PurmerendDe VerbeeldingCoco Chanel

18 april20:30 u GorinchemTheater PeeriscoopCoco Chanel

20 april20:30 u LeidenTheater Ins BlauCoco Chanel

21 april20:30 u EindhovenNatlab by Plaza FuturaCoco Chanel

22 april20:30 u WadwayTheaterkerk WadwayCoco Chanel

28 april20:30 u HeerlenParkstad Limburg TheatersCoco Chanel

2 mei14:30 u TilburgTheaters TilburgCoco Chanel

2 mei20:30 u TilburgTheaters TilburgCoco Chanel

3 mei20:30 u VeghelDe Blauwe KeiCoco Chanel

9 mei20:30 u HaarlemDe ToneelschuurCoco Chanel

10 mei20:30 u ArnhemStadsschouwburg ArnhemCoco Chanel

12 mei20:30 u UtrechtStadsschouwburg UtrechtCoco Chanel

13 mei20:00 u ApeldoornSchouwburg OrpheusCoco Chanel

17 mei20:30 u DoetinchemHet GruitpoorttheaterCoco Chanel

18 mein.n.b. Den HaagKorzo TheaterCoco Chanel

19 mei20:30 u EnschedeWilminktheaterCoco Chanel

20 mei20:30 u BredaChassé TheaterCoco Chanel

23 mei20:30 u AmstelveenTheater GriffioenCoco Chanel

26 mei20:30 u DeventerDeventer Schouwburgloco Chanel

26 septembern.n.b. Oslo, NorwayOperahuset (Oslo Opera House)Coco Chanel

27 septembern.n.b. Oslo, NorwayOperahuset (Oslo Opera House)Coco Chanel

28 septembern.n.b. Oslo, NorwayOperahuset (Oslo Opera House)Coco Chanel

29 septembern.n.b. Oslo, NorwayOperahuset (Oslo Opera House)Coco Chanel

30 septembern.n.b. Oslo, NorwayOperahuset (Oslo Opera House)Coco Chanel