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14 March, Theatre Generale Oost Arnhem
31 March, Walhalla Rotterdam
19 & 20 April, Theatre Kikker Utrecht 
25 April theatre, Theatre Bellevue A’dam

W A T C H I N G, Ceci n’est pas de deux

Who is ‘the other’? A fascinating mix of puppetry, theatre and dance: in which horror, humour, desire and fear are portrayed in a tenderly-tearing performance of Ester Natzijl. (formal dancer Netherlands Dance Theatre, puppeteer ao. with Duda Paiva Company)

Technically superb. Mad puppetry skills.”(Twitter)

W A T C H I N G, Ceci n’est pas de deux is a solo-duet (45 min) with a life-size puppet. Ester, originally a dancer, further developed as a puppeteer and actress, combines all three disciplines in her solo. The performance is about a woman looking for dreamy timeless time, but is faced with her fears and desires. These take shape in an animated, sometimes extremely evil avatar.

By winning a pitch of the Flying Solo Festival, by RIGHTABOUTNOW.INC in cooperation with Contact Theatre Manchester, Ester was given the opportunity to develop a solo performance. AFK offered a development subsidy. Coached by Mike van Alfen and with help from Nicole Beutler’s choreographical advice, Ester created “WATCHING”. This solo forms her debut as a (puppet)theatre maker. Her work-in-progress was performed at the Poparts 2015 festival at Bellevue Theater and during a preview at the Contact Theater in Manchester last May.

She has further developed the show for the Fringe festival.

Reactions on WATCHING
“Ester Natzijl performs with a life size foam puppet, choreographed so well that after a while it seems that the puppet is alive and Ester is the puppet. Sound complements the performance perfectly, initially a mix of medical and industrial, developing over the piece to orchestral.

What is so impressive is the way that Ester creates the movement of the puppet in tune with her own movements.  For a long time the pace is slow, they seem to circle each other and try to find their way. Then the piece builds and becomes more physical, faster, more aggressive, technically amazing.  At one point the puppet seems to be the only one alive. This is a wonderful engaging piece.” (link review )


Still thinking about ‪@EsterNatzijl‘s ‘Watching’ on at ‪@ContactMcr a week ago. Very horrid and beautiful, my favourite combination of things.

@EsterNatzijl really loved ‘Watching’. Was fascinating, creepy, funny and tecnically superb. Mad puppetry skills :)

‪@EsterNatzijl‪ Evocative imagery in Watching (Ceci n’est pas de deux) We look forward to seeing future works.

@EsterNatzijl‪ @ContactMcr Highly enjoyable theatre… a remarkable range of moods and expression… Absorbing!



Trailer: Camera: Sandro Ligtenberg & Eva Gonggrijp
Direction & Montage: Eva Gonggrijp

Coaching en endirection: Mike van Alfen
Choreografical advice: Nicole Beutler:
Coaching puppetry: Duda Paiva,
& Neville Tranter,
Dramaturgical advice: Floor van Lissa:
Puppet creation: Evandro Serodio:
Design, adaptations puppet & advice: Anne Dronkers:

Thanks to
Stichting Muzenis:
Contact Theatre:
Theater Perdu:

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